Come and explore our designer brand eyewear collections. As spectacle frames are worn every day they need to be comfortable and durable as well as look great so it’s reassuring to know that at Eye Focus Optometrists we have all the brand-name frames that you know and trust.

Eye Focus Optometrists is committed to providing quality frames for the whole family and great value. We also provide a 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship on our frames and free servicing and adjustments so you know they will fit well and last!

A well-known brand is a guarantee of quality, style and comfort, and below are some of names that you can expect to see at our practice:


We have a range of lenses to suit every eye. These include:
Single Vision lenses, for single prescription such as far or near
Bifocal Lenses, with two distinct prescriptions for far and near.
Multifocal Lenses, with a prescription ranging from far at the top to near at the bottom with different levels in between.

Added Extras
Our standard lenses come with Hard Coating to make them scratch resistant but more options are available. These include:
Multi Coating (Anti-glare): This helps to prevent glare due to the reflective properties of lenses and are fantastic for computer use and white light.
UV coating: Helps to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your eyes
Tint: We have a range of colours and strengths for the tint of your glasses, anything from a slight tint for indoor wear to a darker colour for sunglasses.
Photo chromatic: For those that hate the hassle of having a pair of sunglasses and an indoor pair. Why not have one that does both? The Photo chromatic lenses become dark in the sun and clear indoors.
Polarised:  reduced glare that reflects of a surface

Free with Health Insurance*

Have a look at our large range of frames that come in a package deal (lenses included) that can be fully covered by most health insurers. We accept almost all private health insurance card including HBF, MediBank Private, Bupa, Nib, Defence etc. Please contact us for more information on your health benefit claims.

*When optical is covered